Workers 1st
Call & ReportTM

The pre-claim, preemptive, 24/7/365 solution for physical & mental well-being incidents with 9 years of evidence-based results reducing Work Comp costs & claims by up to 40% using virtual technology

Workers 1st Call & Report Offerings

Virtual On-Demand Emotional Well-Being Consultations
Engage distracted employees to prevent physical injuries
Frontline Well-Being Risk Management Consults
Immediate support to identify & assist “at-risk” employees before a disruption in the workplace
Registered Nurse Triage for Workplace Injuries
9 years of evidence-based results reducing Work Comp costs & claims by up to 40% using virtual technology
Instantaneous Electronic Report Filing
Incident Report, FROI, Provider Notice, OSHA Log

Workers 1st Call & Report™ Solutions

Accessible for every shift, every location, every employee

Distracted Employees

Workers 1st Call addresses one of the major reasons injuries happen ~ distracted employees. This distraction or lack of focus is called “presenteeism.” Presenteeism costs companies 10 x’s more than absenteeism!

Our preemptive solution provides in-the-moment consultations with master’s level behavioral health clinicians to keep employees focused on the job. Distracted employees = presenteeism = lack of focus = injuries = costs.

In-the-moment consultive support for frontline managers

Workers 1st Call provides in-the-moment consultive support for frontline personal to identify & mitigate disruptive workplace behaviors. This helps resolve issues before becoming a workplace distraction or a costly traumatic incident.

Our Performance Consultants specialize in supporting supervisors to identify and direct “at-risk” employees & challenging workplace situations to positive resolutions.

Mitigate minor injuries

Workers 1st Call provides solutions which mitigate minor injuries from escalating to a work comp claim, as 70% of physical workplace injuries are minor & do not need clinical intervention.

Our 24/7/365 access to Registered Nurse triage delivers immediate and appropriate medical care. RN’s complete & distribute FROI, Incident Report, Provider Notice, & start the OSHA Log immediately after the call. Time-tested results of 9 years reduce Work Comp claims & costs by over 40%.