Behavioral 1st CallTM

Virtual Emotional Well-being & Behavioral Health Consultations

Behavioral 1st Call your 1st call for emotional health – just a call away!

When stress sets in, you and your family can connect “live” in-the-moment, on-demand, with a behavioral health clinician for confidential help!

If you feel stressed, depressed, or anxious, you and your family members can connect “live” in the moment with a masters-level Behavioral Health clinician. By the way, you have good company, as nearly one-fifth of adults in the United States experience mental health issues each year. 

Behavioral 1st Call™ provides

  • In-the-moment telephonic connection with masters-level behavioral health clinicians who help with concerns like anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, grief, trauma/PTSD, or any other life/work balance or emotional health issue.
  • Confidential on-demand support wherever you call from your home, car, office, or another safe space.
  • Consultations are either by telephone or virtually through a secure, HIPAA-compliant web-based video-conferencing platform
  • After your conversation, and when appropriate, your clinician may provide guided solutions materials via email to appropriate educational materials. 
  • Plus, the clinician may suggest additional steps and referrals to other resources and professional care. 
  • When you call to speak with a behavioral health clinician, your conversation is strictly confidential. Your information will never be shared with your employer, family member, or anyone without your consent. 

Behavioral 1st Call your 1st call for emotional health – just a call away!

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