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Responders 1st Call®

Trauma helpline for first Responders and their Families

Key Features

  • Always Confidential
  • Informal and anonymous
  • Real-Time On-Demand - Immediately Available 24/7/365
  • Highly trained trauma specialists experienced in disruptive, critical incident stress management with First Responders 24/7/365

Why Responders 1st Call®

For First Responders:
  • Relieve and Destress
  • Reduce Emotional Pain
  • Release Guilt
  • Compartmentalize events
  • Feel Whole Again
  • Help heal a mental injury
  • Dial back your emotional and mental torment
For the Organization
  • Protect your greatest asset ~ your First Responder and their greatest asset, their families
  • Prevent suicides
  • Prevent work comp and disability claims
  • Reduce absenteeism as stress, depression & anxiety account for 57% of all working days lost in 2018
  • Provide supplemental 24/7/365 support to Command Staff, Peer Support, Wellness Teams and HR
  • Improved morale, employee retention & recruitment

Responders 1st Call® Solutions

Trauma Helpline

Behavioral Health clinician experienced in critical incident stress management helps Responders compartmentalize, relieve stress, and feel whole again.

  • The First Responder calls the confidential in-the-moment trauma helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • First Responders are immediately connected to a Behavioral Health Trauma Specialist experienced in critical incident stress management
  • First Responders access the Trauma Helpline as needed, control the call length and direction of the call
  • Continual engagement with the Responder including referral to appropriate level of care when needed

Emotional & Behavioral Health support for Family

On-demand mental health counseling for the First Responder and family to address and alleviate work or personal stressors and emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationships, or other events that interfere with daily life.

  • 24/7/365 inbound coverage to Masters-level behavioral health clinicians.
  • Confidential telephonic and/or scheduled video access to consultations up to 30 minutes in duration.
  • Guided solutions and action plans to address and neutralize the event or situation.
  • Referral to additional level of care as clinically determined to other medical benefit coverage such as health plan, EAP, counseling resources.

Behavioral Risk Management support for Command Staff, Peer Support, Wellness Team, HR

Support with Behavioral Health clinicians to quickly identify and deploy appropriate resources for "at-risk" employees, including guidance and intervention strategies

  • Call the On-Demand Helpline when concerned about an at-risk employee
  • Connect to an experienced Behavioral Health clinician who specializes in providing assistance to Command Staff, Peer Support, Wellness, HR
  • The Behavioral Health clinician performs a risk/threat assessment, makes recommendations to mitigate risk, and provides guidance on constructive consultation, communication, and documentation
  • All calls are confidential, informal, anonymous

Virtual Eye Movement, Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Online virtual, self-directed treatment to heal the brain and overcome PTSD and trauma through EMDR endorsed by the
World Health Organization, Veterans Administration, Dept of Defense, American Psychiatric Assoc.

  • A web-based, self-directed, brain healing technique employing EMDR
  • Allows the First Responder, in the security and confidentiality of their “safe space” to treat the trauma, heal the brain, often digest severe traumas, and continue to work
  • NO appointments, NO travel to a clinician, NO detailed discussions with a therapist, NO homework typically used in other therapies
  • 100% confidential unlimited use one month web-based subscription
  • The net effect of each session is turning down the volume of the trauma/incident and feeling empowered by the experiences which affected them
  • Each session can help prevent a build-up of trauma and consequently trigger PTSD
  • Effective for short and long-term trauma, anxiety, depression, anxiety, PTS, and PTSD

Everyday First Responders make the tough calls in service of others.

Responders 1st Call is an on-demand lifeline for First Responders.
Bust the stigma... just call!
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