Business services

Health Karma has a strategic partnership which provides comprehensive business solutions tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs from i-9 compliance, paperless employee onboarding, learning management systems, pay cards HSA-purse solutions ~ all at negotiated special pricing to our clients.

Our highlights

Patriot I-9 Compliance + E-verify

Ensure legal compliance and streamline onboarding.

Agency Management Software (AMS)

Centralize client information and automate tasks for insurance agencies.

Online Learning Management System (LMS)

Facilitate online training and skill development with ease.

Form I-9 compliance

These services are designed to streamline your processes, boost productivity, and enhance customer experiences. Whether you're in insurance, healthcare, finance, or beyond, our customized solutions empower your success.

Paperless Employee On-Boarding

Digitize onboarding processes for efficiency and sustainability.

Paycard / Payroll Cards

Offer convenient payment solutions and financial management tools.

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